You Are Worthy

Poor self-worth in a person can be like a tree with no roots. It has no foundation and can only sprout false roots in a person’s mind. Overcoming feelings of low self-worth is essential, but maintaining a positive self-image is a challenge for many people. For some of us, constant anxieties about perceived insecurities is how we live our lives. We have to work to ground ourselves in true perspectives and not our insecurities. We have to overcome those thoughts and feelings that cause us to behave in an insecure manner by challenging our ideas and learning to see ourselves differently. We can’t allow a negative self-image to control us.
A negative self-image can lead to feelings of self-hate and impact a person’s ability to enjoy love and happiness. What we think about ourselves will determine how we will or will not respond to events in our lives. Listen, if you believe that you are incapable or inferior, then you will feel and act as if you are inferior. Feelings of negative self-worth can make one feel that they are not even worthy of life itself. So we have to begin to build our self-image.
But how can we build self-worth after viewing ourselves as worthless for years and even decades? Answer, we have to change our core beliefs or the way that we see ourselves. What are you saying and thinking about your self? Are those thoughts balanced? Any time you find your self thinking negatively, challenge those thoughts. Please write down your positive factors, balancing them with the truth.
Yes, it may be true that one person does not like you, but it is not true that “everyone” does not like you. Identify your positive factors and write them down. Paste them on your mirror, your walls, in the car, at the office. Put them anywhere to remind you just how special you are. We have to redefine our core beliefs and ground our feelings in balanced thoughts and feelings. J Mills and IGBATTMHO