Mental Illness

Why does a Christian become mentally ill? Is it a result of demon possession, faulty thinking, chemical imbalances, or a combination of all three? We can answer this question many ways but what is most important for us to know is that with God the why really does not matter. There is nothing made that god did not make (St john 1-3).

God will use whatever means is needed based on your situation to help you obtain wholeness and wellness. For some people healing may come as a result of a prayer, others through the use of therapy or medications. Still others may be healed by a spoken word from the Holy Scriptures. I submit to you that if we acknowledge god in the midst of what ever is going on with us he will direct us in the path he has designed for us to take. As I looked at the scriptures, I noticed that only in a few cases did they specifically tell us why an individual was sick. I noticed that in many of the cases in which Jesus healed someone he did not ask why. The scriptures just let us know that he healed.  To bring about repentance, Unclean spirit, Demon Possession and so that God can be glorified were just some of the why’ that I was able to find from the scripture. Again, the why is not important I list it here just to bring a balance into what we will be talking about.

  1. Repentance; In Daniel Chapter 4, we see that Nebuchadnezzar’s mental illness was

a result of gods desire to teach him who God Is. Prior to his illness the king had a dream that he did not understand but it was Daniel who interrupeted his dream. The latter part of verse 4:35 reads  “till thou know that the most high ruleth in the kingdom of men, and giveth it to whomsoever he will” and at the end of the appointed time we see that the king did indeed learn that lesson 4:37 we read “Now I Nebuchadnezzar praise and extol and honour the king of heaven, all whose works are truth, and his ways judgment: and those that walk in pride he is able to abase.

  1. Under the control of an unclean spirit – 24 we are introduced to a person who was just simply under the control of an unclean sprit Possessed: In Mathew 9:32 we are told that this person was simply possessed with a devil.
  1. In St Mark 1_23 and St Math 9:33 we see that sickness is a way for the glory of god could be seen.

However, in many other scriptures we see that Jesus just healed. He just dealt with what was instead of trying to place blame or find out why.  In St Matthew Chapter 8:16 we see that “they brought unto him  many who were possessed with devils, and he cast out the spirits with his word and healed those who were sick.

In St Mark 3:10 we are told that he healed many

When we look at the story of Hezekiah we see that God healed with the use of a fig. Naman was healed as a result of his obedience to the prophet. For others healing comes through therapy or medication. Whether it is through the spoken word, a touch, a prayer, or counseling it is sill God at work in your life. And no one should feel bad, upset, or sad because they are not healed in the way other people say that they should be healed. Being sick is not an indictment against your faith. According to the scripture, In  St John chapter, 9 we see that Jesus and his apostles passed by a place in which they encountered a blind man. In looking at the man the disciples asked Jesus who sinned was it the man or his parents that he was born blind. In looking at mental illness many people are asking what  type of sin did this person commit that he or she is unable to get victory over there thoughts, they wonder in what area is this persons faith lacking and what sin is he or she holding on to that is impending their deliverance. But we can learn from the answer that

Jesus gave to his apostles that sin is not always the answer to a person’s sickness.

When an individual suffering from a mental illness get up every morning and goes to work, cooks takes care of a family, comes to church despite the feelings of clinical depression and intrusive thoughts that is nothing less than the power of god being manifested.  Sis AL, IGBATTMHO ALL Rights Reserved