Self Care

Self care is so important that on occasion we have to do a reset and replenish our selves.   If this does not happen we are only hurting ourselves instead of nurturing ourselves.  The world will tell you it is selfish to think of yourself first, but if you don’t how will you be in the condition to take care of others?  I find myself in the same position at times, but if I do not reset and replenish myself I shut down from my children, from work, from friends, from family, from my husband.  This shut down can last one day to several days.  Again, I ask the question, what benefit am I to anyone if I’m shut down?  See it this way, would you rather have one day to reset and replenish or several days of a forced shut down from everyone?  When you put it in that perspective I believe it is safe to say, we would choose the one day to reset and replenish.  I can’t stress enough that a part of self care is to take that day to reset and replenish ourselves.  What does the reset looks like?  Glad you asked… The reset looks like shutting down to rest and refocus.  The replenish is just that feed your soul the word, get your fill to the point it is spilling over.  This will charge you to be more productive in your week.  So, say it with me several times, ” I give myself permission to reset and replenish.”  Be blessed!
Janene Brown Mills