Christians do suffer from mental illness, and all mental illness is not a result of demonic activity. Many of us have developed coping mechanisms that allowed us to cope with the negative events that have happened to us in our lives. Some of those coping mechanisms were good some were not. In other words, patterns to include sinful ones can develop because of the sins perpetrated against us. When we are saved, we confess our sins and develop a godly lifestyle that would not be conducive to sin. We pray, fast and trust God. When we are saved, deliverance will come but the manifestations may not be instant. This does not mean we are not saved.


And it came to pass, that, as they went, they were cleansed. St Luke 17:14


We believe that in the area of mental health God heals some people instantly and others are healed through medications, therapy or counseling. Because the bible tells us that every good and perfect gift comes from the father above we feel that whatever way a person is healed it is still God. We feel that it is god’s ideal plan that Christians would receive healing through his word and that everything we could ever need for our life is in god. When Adam disobeyed god in the Garden of Eden, he attempted to cover himself with a garment of leaves. Sin entered into the world. Sin is an act, violation of, or want of obedience to the revealed will of God. Sin is in our flesh and produces all manner of evil

Desires (Rom 7:8). Sin manifests itself in erroneous concepts (thoughts, ideas) and practices. Gd in his kindness and mercy knew that that garment was insufficient so he himself covered Adam by shedding the blood of an animal. When the men during the time of Moses were killing their wives in order to get rid of them god allowed divorce due to the hardness of their heart. When god’s chosen people continued to defame his name among the gentile’s god declared that he would act because his name was on the line. Whenever we fail to come up to the standards that god has set for us god is so kind and merciful that he provides us with a way of escape. A way that will not allow us to be overcome by the enemy.


 In the days of the early church instant healings were common places. In past generations of our church history Saints of god prayed, read the word and walked in the ways of god to an extent not seen today. How many people have you seen instantly healed?  When was the last time you laid hands on someone and they were delivered? Does the problem lie with god and his word or with you? I believe that medications and the field of psychology were not God’s first idea. However because of the sin and mans inability to connect with god in a real way god permitted these things to be so.


It is interesting that we can suffer from all types of physical illnesses but cannot believe that the brain could be sick. When the brain is sick it affects our thoughts and feelings. As I said before all mental illnesses/disorders are not a result of demonic activity. Some disorders are due to biological and physical problems. Though there is no doubt that demonic influences, old maladaptive patterns, and the flesh can aggravate the problems.  But a mental illness is an illness that can be treated.