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You Are An Overcomer



I am an overcomer and I won’t be defeated.  I am moving past the rain and looking back on all my pain.

Yes, I am an overcomer and my days ahead are bright. Yes I am an overcomer because I am walking in the light.

I am an overcomer, confident and strong. I am an overcomer and I am going to keep moving on.

Negative thoughts try to stop me but they can’t block me. Hurts and disappointments may come but I won’t be defeated

I am an overcomer, I won’t give up now. I am an overcomer and I am going to keep moving on.

I am an overcomer and I am learning from the past. I am an overcomer, talented and strong.

I am an overcomer gifted and valuable. I am an overcomer and I am going to keep moving on.

I am an overcomer and I won’t’ be defeated. No matter how I feel I won’t give up now.

I won’t be mistreated, I am talented and strong. I am an overcomer and I am going to keep moving on.

Negative words try to haunt me, mistakes try to limit me but I am an overcomer and I won’t give up now.

I may have lost some people and things along the way but each day I live is another day.

My addiction tries to get me down and somedays I feel like giving up.  But I am overcomer and I won’t be defeated.

Sometimes smiling though my tears and laughing through my pain, I am overcomer and I won’t give up now.

You may not understand but don’t count me out I am here for a wonderful purpose so I am going to

Keep moving on.

Yes I am an overcomer, confident and strong. I am an overcomer so I am going to keep moving on.



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White It Out With The Word Of God

White It Out With The Word – Apostle Robert L Howard & IGBATT

Every time a thought gets in your mind you are being anointed and controlled by either the devil or the Lord. That is why our thoughts must be based on the mind of God. One second in your thought pattern can deal with success or failure. One second in your thought pattern can lead you closer to God or to sin. So you must guard your thoughts and not allow anything contrary to The Word of God to control you.

When you are in Christ you have a brand new mind but you have to renew it with The Word of God. Unfortunately, many of us have not been thinking within the realm of The Word so we have not been living the life that God has designed for us.  But just like white out can erase the mistakes that we make on paper, The Word of God can white out or erase the mistakes made in our thought patterns. We can become more than a conquer in Christ Jesus.


Romans 8:35-37

Who Shall Separate Us From The Love Of Christ? Shall Tribulation, Or Distress, Or Persecution, Or Famine, Or Nakedness, Or Peril, Or Sword?  As It Is Written, For Thy Sake We Are Killed All The Day Long; We Are Accounted As Sheep For The Slaughter.  Nay, In All These Things We Are More Than Conquerors Through Him That Loved Us.


But we can only become more than a conqueror when we put God in our minds and allow Him to control our thoughts. Once The Word of God is in your mind you can’t be shaken. The devil can shake you, shake me but he can’t shake The Word of God.

So we must read God’s word and allow the Spirit to reveal the Word to our spirits daily. Is only when we allow the Spirit of the Word to reveal the mind of God to our spirits that we can have a renewed mind. A brand new daily renewed mind means you are operating in eternity.

Romans 12:2

And Be Not Conformed To This World: But Be Ye Transformed By The Renewing Of Your Mind, That Ye May Prove What Is That Good, And Acceptable, And Perfect, Will Of God.

So it’s not enough to simply quote the scriptures and say all the right things. We must read and mediate on The Word of God. The more we meditate on The Word of God the more The Word of God will grow in our minds until we are filled with the mind of Christ. Please read and meditate on the Word of the Lord. As you do The Word of God will saturate your mind, soul and body. And just like you apply oil to your skin, allow the Lord to take and apply His word to your mind daily. Allow His Word to soak inside of your spirit, and become anointed in your mind.

Have you studied the ability of God in your mind? It is a beautiful thing. When God has the preeminence in our minds there is nothing that we will not be able to accomplish for and in Him. So keep your mind on Jesus and enjoy being saved. Don’t entangle your mind with thoughts about what you cannot do. Listen, we are very up and down in our feelings that is why we cannot trust our thoughts and how we feel. So make sure that when you get a thought in your mind, it is based on The Word of God not on the shakiness of your situation.  

Proverbs 23:7

For As He Thinketh In His Heart, So Is He: Eat And Drink, Saith He To Thee; But His Heart Is Not With Thee.

Jeremiah 29: 11

For I Know The Thoughts That I Think Toward You, Saith The Lord, Thoughts Of Peace, And Not Of Evil, To Give You An Expected End.

And in the midst of whatever situation we are facing we can gain strength from The Word of God not from feelings. So don’t’ give up on God. God’s thoughts are thoughts of trust and when you look at the Lord through His thoughts (The Word of God) then you can gather your thoughts.

Stay within the realm of The Word of God. When you are in the realm of the Word you will realize that you can do everything through Christ Jesus who gives you strength. We must speak things not because we feel it but because God told us to.

So keep speaking His Word to your trials, unbelief and yourself. IGBATTMHO All Rights Reserved



Do You Believe

Lesson 2 – Do You Believe? Apostle Robert L Howard. IGBATT ALL RIGHTS RESERVED 2014

Let This Mind Be In You, Which Was Also In Christ Jesus

Philippians 2-5

Do you really believe God? Are you submitted to Jesus Christ? Do you really trust Him? Well the kingdom of heaven is within the saints. Our God is within us, and He is in us to win. And when the saints of God look to Jesus people will look to God. We will spread the Gospel and let the power of the Gospel be seen through us. When He is in us we will submit to Him, trust Him and think His thoughts.

 Romans 14:17

For The Kingdom Of God Is Not Meat And Drink; But Righteousness, And Peace, And Joy In The Holy Ghost.

Gods’ thoughts are thoughts of trust and when you look at the Lord through His thoughts (The Word of God) then you can gather your thoughts. Our thoughts are really what we live by. That is why our thoughts must be based on The Word of God. That is why we must guard our thoughts and bring every thought that is contrary to Word of God into subjection to the will of God.

You see, all that God is, is in His word. And the more we meditate on The Word of God the more The Word of God will grow in our minds until we are filled with the mind of Christ.

Jesus depended on the ability and feeling of The Word of God, not on His own feelings. So study The Word of God to familiarize yourself with the Lord and His abilities. The more of God’s word you think on and rehearse the further along and the less jittery you will be. God will become more of a reality to you and you will become more receptive to the things of God.

Are you facing a situation that you don’t know how you are going to come out? Believe God. But discern God by what He says not by your feelings. It is God within us that deals with the devil and the flesh not us. All we have to do, is to work at believing the Word and watch God win the battle. You are not on a dead end street! So whatever seems to be contrary to your way of thinking, whatever comes to make you doubt the Lord or whatever you are faced with, the Lord will take care of it. All of your problems are solved by believing Jesus Christ and doing what He says.

Mark 9:23

Jesus said unto him, If thou canst believe, all things are possible to him that believeth.

How do you believe God? By believing and submitting to Him. You see it is one thing to believe that there is a God, it’s another thing to submit and to depend on Him. Believing and submitting to God saves you from whatever problem or situation you are up against. That is why we have to believe, depend and trust God in everything.

 James 4:7

Submit Yourselves Therefore To God. Resist The Devil, And He Will Flee From You.

How do you believe God? You believe God by trusting His word. So find out what God is saying through His word, then say it. When you say what the Word says, you can rest in it. When you say what the Word says then you can have confidence. God’s word is the answer for everything. So take The Word of God as is. Inside of The Word of God is everything that you will ever need.

2 Peter 1:4-5

And Beside This, Giving All Diligence, Add To Your Faith Virtue; And To Virtue Knowledge; And To Knowledge Temperance; And To Temperance Patience; And To Patience Godliness

               St. Matthew 24:35

Heaven And Earth Shall Pass Away, But My Words Shall Not Pass Away

You Can Depend On God

Lesson 1 -Why You Can Depend On God? – Apostle Robert L. Howard

 In a world of broken promises and fleeting dreams you may feel as if there is no one to turn to or no one that you can depend on, well there is good news. No matter what it looks like you can depend on God! God has your life fixed so that a door will always be open to you the believer.

God has made a way of escape, for every test and trial that you will encounter. So don’t give up on the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

The Gospel of Jesus Christ is so profound, it is everything that you need for your mind, trials, domestic problems, loneliness, or whatever else you may encounter.

It is the Gospel that is going to take the saints through. The Gospel will make you smile when you don’t feel like it, it will make you stand up even when you think you can’t. You can trust the Gospel of Jesus Christ because all the power God has is in it.

So call on the Lord and don’t get tired! You see the devil never gets tired. He is running to and fro the whole earth seeking whom he may devour. So don’t get weary in well doing or calling on the Lord.

1 Peter Chapter 5:8

Be Sober, Be Vigilant; Because Your Adversary The Devil, As A Roaring Lion, Walketh About, Seeking Whom He May Devour

This is the day for the gospel and speaking The Word of God. You see The Gospel is ready for anything the devil tries to start in your life! So take the Gospel and tell yourself that God said, “that when I go through the Fire, through the water He will be with me.” Tell yourself “Jesus Christ is for me and will never leave me or let me down.” Don’t stop praying saints, don’t get tired. Use the Gospel on your trials and not what you think or feel.

Isaiah Chapter 43:2

When Thou Passest Through The Waters, I Will Be With Thee; And Through The Rivers, They Shall Not Overflow Thee: When Thou Walkest Through The Fire, Thou Shalt Not Be Burned; Neither Shall The Flame Kindle Upon Thee.

You see, when you get tired of praying and calling on the Lord in the midst of your trials, you begin to start thinking outside of The Word of God. You begin to doubt The Word of God and you begin to use human reasoning or draw conclusions based on what you see or feel.

Unfortunately human reasoning does not take into account that we serve a God who can speak anything into existence. Using human reasoning in the midst of our trials can cause us to doubt, worry and fear. But remember, God can make all things work together for our good; all we have to do is trust and believe Him.

So if the devil can get us to use human reasoning he knows that we will get discouraged and give up on God. So he has to wait for us to give up and stop believing The Word of God. Listen, there is nothing wrong with giving up. Just give up to Jesus and keep the gospel in your mouth.

Never let your trials cause you to shut your mouth. Whether temptation or trial; from the pulpit to the door you have to tell the devil what God said. Listen, it could be a child on drugs or a man that will not bring the money home. But no matter how it comes remember that with the temptation a way of escape, comfort or deliverance for the saints will always be made. You just have to continue to speak The Word of God in faith to your situation.

You may have eight things to happen to you but do not stop trusting Jesus Christ. Stand still and watch God, He will work it out. Yes, you might spend some lonely nights, your children may not obey, you could have trouble in your community, or sickness. But keep speaking the Word of God. Deliverance is in your mouth. God is faithful He will not let you down!

1 Corinthians 10:13

There Hath No Temptation Taken You But Such As Is Common To Man: But God Is Faithful, Who Will Not Suffer You To Be Tempted Above That Ye Are Able; But Will With The Temptation Also Make A Way To Escape, That Ye May Be Able To Bear It.

You cannot go by what you see in your trial so don’t give up on the Gospel. It may look like doors are shut in your face, but there will always be a door open for the saints of God. Listen, just because something does not work for you, do not stop praying. God will always be available. He will never go to sleep, take a vacation, coffee break, or get tired of you. So keep looking unto Jesus the author and finisher of your faith.

Psalms 121:3-5

He Will Not Suffer Thy Foot To Be Moved: He That Keepeth Thee Will Not Slumber. 
Behold, He That Keepeth Israel Shall Neither Slumber Nor Sleep. The Lord Is Thy Keeper: The Lord Is Thy Shade Upon Thy Right Hand


Hold on! Maybe you want to call Him the El-Shaddai. You might call Him Jehovah- Nissi, Jehovah-Shalom, or Elohim. I will call Him Jesus! A friend to the friendless, father to the fatherless, mother to the motherless. The bottom line….. You can depend on God!

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