Keep Hope Alive

Keep Hope Alive (2021 IGBATTMHO All Rights Reserved)


Hopelessness begins with a thought that manifests in a feeling that can infiltrate and destroy your spirit. Once hopelessness has found a home in your spirit it will impact everything that you see and do. When your hope is shaken, your faith is impacted. And without faith you can not advance any further in the Kingdom of God. So fight to keep you hope.


Many of you are just going through the motions of life. That initial drive and determination that you once had to believe God and to stand on His word is gone. You are just drifting putting on a front. Yes, you are getting up in the morning going to work and coming home but that is it. You are doing the things that you need to do to make it but you are not going beyond that. You don’t have the energy. When you hear or read a scripture that tells you that “you can make it” or that “God will make away” it does not even move you. You say to yourself “I heard this before.” 



Ecclesiastes 3:1 tells us that to everything there is a season, a time for every purpose under heaven. God has a purse for everyone including you. Life may seem hopeless but don’t believe it. This is just a season that you are going through. So just hold on. You don’t have to talk loud, long or try to put on a show to prove how spiritual you. Just wait on God…rest in Him. Use this time to draw closer to Him and allow him to speak to your spirit.


But they that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength…Isa 40:31

Keep Hope Alive


Manage Your Stress

Stress (Copyright 2021 IGBATTMHO. All Rights Reserved)

Stressful feelings are triggered by our view of a situation or event not necessarily the event itself. Just because a situation is stressful for me, does not mean that it will be for you. However, when our mind does perceive a situation to be stressful, it sends orders to the rest of our body. Our body then responds to the orders that it receives from the mind, by becoming both emotionally and physiologically aroused. Have you ever almost had a car accident? Or have you ever been startled by something that seemed to come out of nowhere? Well if so, you may have experienced a sudden increase in your heart rate, sweating, and muscle tension. Those symptoms were activated by the mind to prepare the body to either flee, or to face the situation that was triggering the response. When the event that caused your body to be aroused was removed, those symptoms diminished. But some of us live in a constant state, or near constant state of arousal or stress. Our bodies and emotions don’t get a chance to relax so we are always on guard. Unfortunately, the longer our bodies are subjected to stress, the more detrimental the impact will be. Ongoing symptoms of stress can trigger a whole host of negative symptoms to include: increased sleeping, overeating, depression, muscle tension, ulcers, nervousness, loss of sexual appetite, tiredness, and memory loss (Cunningham, 2000). So for the sake of the kingdom we must learn to decrease the impact of stress on our lives.

There are many strategies that we can use to manage our stress. However, there is no one strategy that will work for everyone in every situation. So in order to manage your stress you must look at the specific situation that you are facing, and choose a strategy that will work best for you. For example, changing jobs, learning how to relax, and learning better communication techniques may be appropriate strategies for one situation, but making diet changes, learning assertiveness skills, and exercise may be more appropriate in another. While there are many ways a person can manage stress, the one strategy that we want to focus on here, is the strategy of changing the way we think. Face it, we may not be able to change the situation that is causing us stress but by changing our thoughts we may be able to decrease the impact of stress on our lives. Take a few minutes to review the list of strategies on the next page and pick the one that works best for you.

Managing Stress – Changing How We Think


  1. Face reality, there are some things that you may not be able to change.
  2. Learn to release feelings of anger in appropriate ways before it builds up.
  3. Evaluate the things that cause you to worry. Instead of letting your mind focus on the problems, spend some time trying to identify ways to solve the things that cause you to worry.
  4. Learn to see a crisis as a chance for change.
  5. Learn to see both sides of a problem. Remember there may be three sides to every situation, your side, my side, and the right side.
  6. Instead of meditating on negative things, meditate on ways to solve your problem using the Word of God and His principles.
  7. Eliminate thoughts that distress you. Challenge negative thoughts that come to your mind. Are those thoughts balanced? Are they accurate?
  8. Think about the consequences.
  9. Have realistic expectations.
  10. Realize that there may be times that you will have to say no.
  11. Realize that there may be times that you will have to make a decision.
  12. Realize that there may be times that you will not get what you want.


  1. What are your stressors?
  2. Why are they stressors?
  3. What are your stress symptoms?
  4. What can be done to alleviate your stress symptoms?
  5. What barriers will you face?

Meditation Scriptures

Blessed is the man that trusteth in the Lord, and whose hope the Lord is.

Jeremiah 17:7 (KJV)

 The steps of a good man are ordered by the Lord: and he delighteth in his way. Though he fall, he shall not be utterly cast down: for the Lord upholdeth him with his hand. Psalms 37:23 (KJV)



Keep Moving Forward

Engaging in negative thoughts can prevent us from moving forward and limit our ability to fulfill the plan that God has for our lives. Unfortunately, if you think that you are hopeless, stupid, and undeserving then you will feel and behave as if you are hopeless, stupid, and underserving, no matter how many times you quote the scriptures. So fight for the victory that God has already provided for you. Read your Word, repeat the Word of God to yourself, and challenge every negative thought that would cause you to give up on life or prevent you from moving forward.

Moving forward means that you are putting action to your faith and not just words. Moving forward means that you are not just sitting back passively waiting for something to happen. Instead, moving forward means that you are engaging in positive activities that are moving you closer to the plan of God for your life. So keep moving forward despite your fears, insufficiencies, symptoms, and negative circumstances. No matter how things in your life look right now, keep focused on the plan of God for your life. Remember with Jesus Christ all things are possible.

Request For Transfer (Author Unknown)


>TO: Commander and Chief Spiritual Armed Forces, Jesus Christ

>Dear Lord;

>I am writing this to You to request a transfer to a desk job. I herewith

>present my reasons: I began my career as a private, because of the

>intensity of the battle You have quickly moved me up in the ranks. You

>have made me an officer and given me a tremendous amount of

>responsibility. There are many soldiers and recruits under my charge. I

>am constantly being called upon to dispense wisdom, make judgments, and

>find solutions to complex problems. You have placed me in a position to

>function as an officer, when in my heart I know I have only the skills

>of a private. I realize that You have promised to supply all I would

>need for the battle. But Sir, I must present You a realistic picture of

>my equipment. My uniform, once so crisp and starched, is now stained

>with tears and blood of those I have tried to assist. The soles of my

>boots are cracked and worn from the miles I have walked trying to enlist

>and encourage the instructed troops. My weapons are marred, tarnished

>and chipped from constant battle against the enemy. Even the Book of

>Regulations I was issued has been torn and tattered from endless use.

>The words are now smeared. You have promised You would be with me

>throughout, but when the noise of the battle is so loud and the

>confusion is so great, I can neither see nor hear You. I feel so alone.

>I’m tired. I’m discouraged. I have Battle Fatigue. I would never ask You

>for a discharge. I love being in Your service. But I humbly request a

>demotion and transfer. I’ll file papers or clean latrines.

>Just get me out of the battle–please, Sir.

>Your Faithful, but tired, Warrior.


>To: Faithful, but tired, Soldier, Spiritual Armed Forces

>Location: The Battlefield

>SUBJECT: Transfer

>Dear Soldier:

>Your request for transfer has been denied. I herewith present My

>reasons: You are needed in this battle. I have selected you, and I will

>keep My Word to supply your need. You do not need a demotion and

>transfer. (You’d never cut it on latrine duty.) You need a period of

>”R&R” –Renewal and Rekindling. I am setting aside a place on the

>battlefield that is insulated from all sound and fully protected from

>the enemy. I will meet you there and I will give you rest. I will remove

>your old equipment and “make all things new.” You have been wounded in

>the battle, My soldier. Your wounds are not visible, but you have

>received grave internal injuries. You need to be healed. I will heal

>you. You have been weakened in the battle. You need to be strengthened.

>I will strengthen you and be your strength. I will instill in you

>confidence and ability. My Words will rekindle within you and renewed

>love, zeal and enthusiasm. Report to Me tattered and empty. I will

>refill you.


>Your Commander-in-Chief, Jesus Christ