Add some living to your life In 2020

2020 the year that you walk in what the Lord has said about you. It is the year that you live your life to the fullest in the presence of those things in your life that you can’t change.

Admit it, accept it life has not gone the way you hoped. Divorce, death, sickness, medications, loneliness, and you are living with a chronic and persistent situation that you can’t change. Yes, you hear voices, you sometimes talk to yourself, you have been a patient on a psychiatric ward, you live with the symptoms of depression, and sometimes you isolate. Yes, sometimes you don’t feel like getting out of bed. Sometimes you don’t feel like showering, you lose your temper, you have to take medications, and sometimes you cry for no reason.

Yes, you are seeing your therapist, your MD, taking your medications, but even doing all of that, you sometimes have symptoms that cause you to have to slow down. Accept it. What does acceptance mean? First, acceptance is not giving up or doing the things that you need to do to live life to the fullest. Acceptance is not learned helplessness. Learned helplessness is a condition that occurs among some people, and it is a result of chronic, uninterrupted, exhaustion, and defeat. When people believe that there is no hope for recovery or that things will never change, they tend to give up. If we think that we are destined to be a victim and that we have no control over what happens in our life, we can lose the desire to help ourselves or to even hope in change. Never give up, accept that there are some things in your life that you can’t control, rest, and make adjustments. You are not a victim, and life does not always go the way we hope, so rest.

When you rest, you are looking at life as it is and then adjusting. We can spend so much time mourning what is not, that we don’t realize that time and opportunities are passing. When we learn to rest in where we are in life now, we can begin to build a life and to take advantage of the opportunities that are available to us now. Acceptance means living life fully. Acceptance is freeing yourself from the prison of your limitations. God created you with a purpose, and that does not change because of the negative things in your life. Keep moving forward. Keep trusting and live your life.