Because of Jesus Christ, you are a winner. But to maintain the victory there are some things that you must do.


First – In going through your tests, it’s important that you don’t quote what the devil has to say. When you quote his words, i.e. “I don’t know how I am going to make it” or “I don’t know how the bill is getting paid” then you are hooked. In going through your tests it is important that you use the Word of God and allow it to be your meditation.


Second – Don’t Use Worry.Worry means to be uneasy in the mind or feel anxiety about something. When you begin to worry you have taken your eyes offJesus Christ.You are not using your bible; instead, you are leaning to your own understanding. Worry is not in the vocabulary of faith.


Third – Don’t Be In a Hurry. The Lord’s timing is always peaceable not anxious. God can speak tonight and revel it 20 years from now. God has an appointed time for everything.


Fourth – Don’t’ Give Into Your Thoughts. When you give into thoughts like fear, doubt and worry, you can’t go any further. Your insufficiencies/problems can’t tell you anything except what it knows. That is why you have to let the Word of God do the talking. Say what God says until you come out of your situation. Trouble is stationary, it is just a roadblock.


Fifth – Don’t give into hopelessness. When you allow feelings of hopelessness to make you think that all is lost and that life is hopeless then you are a prime candidate for depression. Remember, that as a child of God you are not on a dead end street. 


Love God

When we love God in the midst of our troubles, He will give us a revelation of the purpose. And when Satan in the flesh (negative thoughts/feelings) tells you something, Christ in the inner man has the answer. So seek Him for the answer.