No Excuse Pt 2

The reason we have so much unrepented sin in the pulpit and the pews is because we are being lead to many times by emotionally unhealthy people who are leading emotionally unhealthy people who do not want to allow the Word of God to make them whole. When we become whole spiritually and emotionally then it will be harder for those of us in the pews to be misled by those in the pulpit. And it will be harder for people to become a church leader without being emotionally and spiritually whole. Do you feel like preachers are hypocrites? Do you wonder how a married pastor could preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ every Sunday and have a mistress on the side? How a Pastor could molest children and then lead a prayer meeting? Well ask yourself a few questions. Are you walking in obedience to the Word of God? Are you trying to live your life according to the Word of God as opposed to trying to make the Word of God fit your way of thinking? Are you resisting the urge to pick and choose the scriptures you want to follow? Are you reading your bible for yourself? Are you praying and following the leading of the Holy Ghost? Are you repenting of your sins? Well if you answered No to these questions, then the reason why we have preachers who are hypocrites, abusive, beating their wives, having sex with members, stealing money, sexually abusing children and getting away with it is partly our fault. When we as Christian believers refuse to walk in obedience to the Word of God, when we try to make the Word of God fit our way of thinking, and when we pick and choose the scriptures we want to follow then we are walking in rebellion to the plan of God for our lives. Unfortunately, some of us really do not understand Grace. Grace gives us the ability to overcome our sin not just make excuses. According to the book of Romans we are free from the law of sin and guilt (Please read the Book of Romans). You see, when we do not really want to develop a life of prayer, a life of fasting or a life that conforms to the Holy Spirit then we really don’t demand much from our leaders. We prefer to focus on the music, on the plays, on the entertainment as opposed to the Gospel of Jesus Christ for fear that we will have to live right. Some of us keep getting tricked by spiritual leaders because we don’t want to do what the bible tells us to do. But what a minute, if we are walking in rebellion ourselves can we really in good faith correct anyone else. Some of us are being dishonest with God in our actions, the Preacher is being dishonest with us in his or her actions, and if we become angry at the preacher we need to be angry at ourselves as well. Let me insert this, we can all remind each other of the scripture and point out error. The reason why some of us don’t do this is because we think by doing so we are hypocrites but that is not true. (Ephesians 4:15, Matthew 18-15-18, James 5:19-20). The problem is not the sin but the rebellion or the refusal to repent. When we refuse to repent, then we are open to correction. But when people who are in the pews become grounded in the Word of God then it will be harder for them to be taken advantage of by others. When we become emotionally whole and commit to being honest with ourselves about ourselves then we will not be such easy prey. Again, the issue is not the fact that we have a weakness. We are growing in the things of God and we will make mistakes and sometimes even sin along the way. The problem however, is what we do when we sin. Do we repent or try to cover up our faults? Do we pretend like we don’t have issues, bash people and then when our sin is revealed feel as if no one should talk about it? Whether you are a leader in a local assembly or a member, people of God we have no excuse. We have The Word of God and the Spirt of God to lead and guide us into all truth. Don’t just rely on what you call “discernment” because if you are walking in disobedience to The Word of God then your “discernment” may be deceptive. Instead trust the Word of God. We all have issues, but we have to understand that we all have a God who loves us. We do not have to walk around acting as if we always do everything the Word of God requires. We just have to want to be made whole. You see, it’s one thing to sin and then to repent, it’s another thing to sin and refuse to repent. Its’ one thing to recognize that you are a sinner in need of a savior but it’s another thing to feel as if The Word of God should change for you. Just be honest with yourself and with God. We are all a work in progress.