Our vision is to ensure that all individuals who have been impacted in some way by a severe and persistent mental illness or negative life situation will have access to information that will empower them to make informed decisions about their mental health and fulfill their God given purpose for living.
Our team consists of a team of mental health advocates, psychiatrist, nurses, compliance specialist, managers, organizations, clergy, licensed mental health professionals, family members, consumers, peers, and members with lived mental health experiences. 

Board Members/Officers


 A LEGREE, Founder

Sister A. Legree is the founder and President of It’s Getting Better All The Time!, It’s Geting Better All The Time! Mental Health Outreach and It’s Getting Better All The Time Missions. Sister A. Legree is a Church Elder, military veteran, Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Therapist, Teacher, Senior Program Director, and Minister who has spent the last several years working in both church and various mental health settings to include in patient psychiatric hospitals, outpatient mental health clinics, substance abuse and psychiatric rehabilitation programs. Her dedication to the vision of this organization stems from her heart felt belief that through faith, awareness, resources, and support, individuals impacted by a negative life situation can fulfill their God given purpose for living, and improve their overall functioning.


C. KELLY, Vice President, Board Member, Elder

Sister C. Kelly is a veteran Evangelist, Missionary, Teacher, Prayer leader, Spiritual counselor, Mental Health Advocate, Business Owner, and Minister of Jesus Christ. She has spent years encouraging, supporting and guiding individuals within and outside of the faith community. Certified in mental health first aid, a member of NAMI and as a family member who has been directly impacted by a mental illness, Sister Kelly knows firsthand how important support is to the recovery process. A woman who is led by the spirit of Jesus Christ, Evangelist Kelly has a proven prayer and teaching ministry. A down to earth woman of God she specializes in working with Pastors/leaders, the elderly, women and those who are living with a mental illness. Missionary C. Kelly is married and has two children and four grandchildren.

Minister C. MARTIN, Secretary, Board Member

Constance M. Martin, ordained Minister and writer with several works- in- progress (wip); a semi-autobiographical novel, two Christian fictions, and a devotional. She has been reading and writing since a very young child as a means to express her feelings and to take some control over situations she had no control.  She is currently a member of The National Association of Christian Ministers: NACM – Answering His Call is Our Purpose (Mat 28:18-20).  It is her call and mission through sharing life experiences; the ups and downs, the good and the bad; through prose, praise and written words that Jesus Is Lord! Connie Martin is a seasoned Minister, gifted writer and teacher. She has spent years studying and expounding upon the Word of God and is a beacon of peace and hope that has led many to the Word of God. A women who tells it  like it is with love, compassion and truth Minister Martin is not only a praying women but a women who has overcome abuse and difficulties victorious and with a desire to help others. Minister Martin is the founder of .Write Thee All The Word Ministries http://www.writetheeallthewords.com/index.html) a ministry designed to foster, encourage, and inspire and to make a difference in someone else’s life.




Pastor A GIBSON, Board Member

Pastor Alicia Gibson is devoted to serving the mental illness community. A writer, speaker, prayer counselor and teacher she strives to educate, advocate, and help overcome the stigma associated mental illness. Alnicia has served on the Board of Director’s for the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) Anne Arundel County Affiliate from 2009 to 2012. While serving on the Board, Alnicia was appointed as the Public Relations Manager and facilitated several peer support group.? in 2011, Alnicia was the recipient of the 2011 Outstanding Achievement Award from NAMI Maryland. In 2014 she received a Certificate of Appreciation from the Prince George’s County chapter of the National Alliance of Mental Illness. Alnicia is also a certified NAMI Peer-to-Peer Mentor and a NAMI SMARTS Advocacy Maryland State Trainer. In addition, she received a certification of Mental Health First Aid. Alnicia started her own Ministry, Blessed to be Gifted Ministry, which is geared toward helping people with a mental illness. Pastor Alnicia’s passion is to advocate for individuals living with a mental illness, to break down stigma in the community and to connect people to resources. Currently Pastor Alnica Gibson serves at the Pastor of Growing In Grace Church located in Washington DC




Board Member

Sister Allen